3 Reasons to go BARE on your first date!

As ladies we take a lot of pride in our looks, especially when it comes to dating & even more specifically on a first date. We fret over what to wear: wanting to look appealing, but not overly sexualized. We want every hair to be in place and if God really loved us we would have our best hair day of the month on that day.  Oh, and of course we want our skin to appear flawless, eyes popping & lashes so long that every blink will send a slight fanned breeze. But,  what if I said focus on your outfit and take some time on your hair, but ditch that make up? Some of your eyes may have opened up an inch more in disbelief of what you just read. It might sound foolish, but my hope is the following 3 reasons will convince you to BARE it all when going out on your first date!

Date Destination?

& the conditions surrounding it

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In my idea world when a guy takes me out on a first date it is somewhat of a  surprise.  I love when a guy plans a date & keeps some mystery to it.  I also love when guys think out of the box & plans a not so typical date. Yep, you know what I’m talking about: dinner & a movie.  So me loving to be all surprised and stuff should have my game face ready. And for some reason I don’t see a made up face being the go to game face. A made up face is a face that is ready to take on any weather climate, water activity and or facial gear. God forbid I would have to go underwater on our unplanned snorkeling adventure, that it would drizzle or be ridiculously hot during our surprise hiking trip, or for our spontaneous paint ball war that I will have to wear a facial mask that may smear my lip stick right off! So if you are anticipating an unplanned adventure on your first date, then you better come with your face just as carefree as you will be!

Beauty Credit!

What’s being complimented?

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How many times have you been dressed in your best, hair freshly done & make up painted on to perfection? You step outside demanding all eyes on you because your are so confident in your overall look that you are expecting the compliments to come flooding in. But Let me ask you this: ” Do you ever wonder what exactly a person is complementing when they say you look beautiful?” Are they complimenting your beautiful outfit? Beautiful hair? Or beautiful make-up? Well, it could be a combination of it all. However, how much credit does YOUR God given beauty get? I charge you to not let the distraction of make-up take the credit for your beauty! Bare that face and when your date looks at you and says ” Wow you are beautiful” you can smile in confidence that he is indeed complimenting you and nothing else.

PS: When baring your face first his interest is in you and not a misleading perfected face. No pressure the next time you see him to keep that perfection up!


Time to Self Empower.
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Remember earlier when we explored all the hassle we go through to get ready for a first date? Imagine after getting dressed and styling your hair you wash & moisturize your face, look in the mirror, smile and head out on your date! How freeing and empowering is that? Free yourself, Empower yourself and own your bare beauty!

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