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A couple of months ago I was in Wal-Mart getting some pictures printed. As I waited in line a red headed lady with pale milky skin waited behind me. For those who don’t know I looove red hair and freckles! I think the combination is so BEA-U-tiful! Any who, I wrote all that to explain why I immediately wanted to photograph her for my photo blog . Then she spoke and the words that she spoke made me realize not only did I WANT to, but I HAD to meet her. “Hey, can I get you a coffee?” She asked the Wal-Mart employee. If you would have seen that employees face you would think she had asked her ” Hey can I get you a million dollars?” I mean the employee was soooo relived, so grateful, but not shocked. It’s as if the red headed beauty always ask her to get her a coffee.  Then , in a nonchalant way the red headed beauty stated ” your hair looks really pretty today.” I wanted to scream! In my Facebook group Barely Beautiful  . I always encourage the members to compliment one another. I believe it is our words that will uplift a ladies self esteem, if not for a lifetime, for that moment. It is sometimes difficult to motivate ladies o compliment one another over the computer so let’s not even mention in person. How often do we tell another lady ” I really like your hair style.”  “You have such pretty eyes.” ” You have such a great shaped nose.” I know the nose one seems a little awkward, but we do notice nose shapes. If that wasn’t the case ladies wouldn’t go into plastic surgeons office during their consultation visits with a ripped out picture of some model saying ” I want my nose to look like this.”  So yes we notice when a lady has a nice nose, lips, eyes and so on and so on. We think it, but why don’t we say it? Well, as I stood in line waiting to check out that was not the case. The red headed beauty shared her thoughts and the way the employees face reacted, showed that she received it well.

Ladies, I challenge you the next time you think ” wow she has such great ___________” allow your thoughts to be spoken, speaking confidence into a ladies life.

PS: I got the picture of the red headed beauty! You can see it here >>>(Red Headed Beauty)

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