A nose job & A dance


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While working on a presentation at the public library one day, an elderly lady began speaking to me. She asked  ” Are you in high school? I laughed and responded ” No mam”. That one question led to her telling me about her famous scrap book , deceased husband & her nose job. She shared with me that she had a nose job done because she had inherited her fathers “large nose.” She recalled as  a child her classmates being so cruel to her and the boys…well they  were the worse. She shared with me that after she had her nose job she was finally asked to dance by her crush.  As she spoke of this crush she blushed. It was as though she was feeling those butterflies all over again. She stated she was so flattered and did not hesitate to take him up on his offer.

As they danced he asked her in a curious tone ” Where is your sister?” She replied ” I don’t have a sister.” ” Yes, she looks just like you. The only difference is she has a bigger nose.” He replied.  She stopped dancing and in her sassiest voice said  ” That girl with the big nose is me! If I  was not good enough for you to dance with when I had a big nose, I am not good enough to dance with you with my smaller nose.”

She said he called her numerous times asking her out on dates, but she tastefully declined.

How many of us would have that courage? I mean really. We’re crushing on a guy, but he doesn’t even look our way. Then after we change our look and are FINALLY noticed we “put him in his place” Uhhhhh….I may have to soak up all the compliments before doing so. lol

Ladies, should we give a guy the pleasure of getting to know us after we have changed what was once deemed as a “flaw” by them?

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