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Fashion to Figure: A curvy girls go-to store !
Aug 08 2014

 So I have this friend who in my eyes has always been beautiful inside and out. However, after high school, a marriage and two babies later she wasn’t feeling all that beautiful. Her body went through so many changes: her breast seem to triple in size and she retained a little baby weight in her stomach. Although I saw her beauty, those body changes sometimes caused her to see herself in a different light. My once over confident friend was now one who shied away from mirrors and didn’t like to try clothes on in the store. OH, BUT hunny, has that changed! My recent trip to Maryland introduced me to my old confident friend. She was dressing up, trying on all her new dresses in her closet & even forced me to join in the show. I was dying to know what brought on this new found confidence. 3 words would sum it all up FASHION to FIGURE. She went on to explain all the reasons this store is amazing for Curvy girls. So… you know I had to go see this store for myself. Check out my trip to Fashion to Figure!

 Fashion to Figure Logo

“Never ask women to conform their figures to fashion, but rather bring fashion to the figure” -Gram, 1950


Black is nice,butCOLOR addsSPICE

Fashion to Figure 3 manneuins B and W Fashion to Figure 3 mannequins red

Too often curvy girls wear black with black to match. Why? Because it makes one look slimmer. Well F2F said add some color to those curves!

Who said a CURVY girl can’t rock both?

 Fashion to Figure mannequin black  dress Fashion to Figure curvy Mannequin  pink dress

Not V.S , but AND

Fashion to Figure thin Mannquin Fashion to Figure curvy Mannequin  Fashion to Figure thin Mannquin 2 Fashion to Figure curvy Mannequin

Too often we see mannequins looking like 1&3. It was refreshing to see curvy mannequins.

 No skinny shamming here though, let’s celebrate ALL sizes.

Just A quick encouragement!

Fashion to Figure Hey beautiful message  Hello Gorgeous written Fashion to Figure Hello Gorgeous message

We ALL can agree that sometimes trying on clothes can be a bit discouraging. So,  before a customer enters a fitting room, the F2F staff like to write encouraging quotes on each dressing room. Talk about uplifting!

PS: Unfortunately, I am not a curvy girl, but they stretched the truth to make me one

( check out the message on the door!) I LOVE them for that!

My friend squeems, would YOU squeem? F2F screams for the squeems!

Fashion to Figure Squeem  Fashion to Figure Sqeem  Fashion to Figure hey wonderful message

Squeem= 2 inches off your waist. Helps weight lost. Shows off all your curves.

A Few last reasons to love F2F:

Fashion to Fisgure store

* Clearance as low as $12.99

* Clothes.Purses.Jewelry

* Outfits for Girls Night Out – Business Meeting

* Encourages curvy ladies to show off their legs!

Ready.Set.SHOP>>> HERE!

Thanks Fashion to Figure for bringing fashion to a curvy girls wadrobe! 
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A Decade of Wigs
Jun 25 2014

 Margie Spikes Margie Spikes Mspikes Margie 2 Margi 1Aunt Margie natural hair

“Wearing my own hair has been a liberating experience for me!  I overcame the self conscious feeling.” Margie

How long have you been wearing wigs?

Approximately 10 years

 How old were you when you wore your first wig?

I started wearing wigs at the age of 45years old

 What made you first wear a wig?

I started wearing wigs for more flexibility in my hairstyles. I had worn the same weave style previous to wigs and wanted to try different looks.

Why did continue to wear wigs for so many years?

I continued to wear wigs because my own hair was thin due to a thyroid condition and I did not feel comfortable wearing my own hair.  Wigs were very convenient and I had a pretty big selection over the 10 years.

 Can wigs be addicting?

Yes, I believe wigs can be addicting and I believe that I was addicted to them.  I was always   looking for different styles, new looks, something different.  I would try different colors and end up disappointed, or find a look that I liked ,but eventually I would get tired of it.

What is the most you’ve paid for a wig?

I don’t think I have paid more   than $75 for a wig.  I would order from several online  sites and stores but would look for ones that were on sale or reasonably priced. I received discounts and coupons.  It was important to me not to  spend too much.

Collectively, how much do you   think you’ve paid for wigs? 

I would say around $1500.

Do you name your wigs?

I wouldn’t name them personally, but I would refer to them by the name the company gave them.  It was   fun.

Describe your favorite wig

I wore the same style the last   five years, a very short straight style.  My favorite color was 1B.

How did your husband feel about   you wearing wigs?

I was wearing this short style when I met my husband.  After we had been together for a while he would   make comments about wanting me to wear longer styles.  I tried a few   times, but I wasn’t use to them anymore, so I kept my short style. Every now and then he would make comments that I considered negative,   but I continued to wear what I liked and felt comfortable with.

 What is one good thing about wearing a wig?

One good thing about wearing wigs   was the convenience. They were no maintenance and I could take them off at night.

What is one bad thing about wearing a wig?

One bad thing about wearing a wig, depending on the style, they would get hot.  I found this to be true when I wore the longer wigs.

What made you stop wearing wigs?

I stopped wearing wigs because I   grew irritated with them.  I didn’t want anything on my head and I was   always hot, even with the short ones.  I think going through menopause   had a lot to do with it. I had toyed with the idea of wearing my own hair for over a year and felt it would be less complicated and definitely   more comfortable.

What were your feelings the first time you stepped outside without a wig on ?

I was very very very nervous when   I left the salon after getting my hair cut to a shorter length.  I felt   like people were staring at me and I was very self-conscious about the thin   areas around my temples.

What were people’s reactions after seeing you without a wig on?

Peoples first reaction was “you cut your hair!”.  Then came either, I like it or some folks even had the audacity to say they like the wig better.  These   folks opinions did not matter to me so I had no problem letting them know that I could care less what they liked better!!  

How does your husband feel about you rocking your natural hair?

My husband always preferred a longer look.  He was out of town when I had my hair cut and his initial reaction was not positive.  In all honesty it was hurtful, but I felt   strongly about my decision to make this change for me so eventually I got over it.  After a few weeks he admitted that he was getting use to the   new look.

What is the best thing about wearing your natural hair compared to a wig?

Wearing my own hair has been a liberating experience for me!  I overcame the self conscious feeling   that I had at first.  I am taking better care of my hair and it’s   starting to grow.  Even though the new growth is coming in gray, I have learned to embrace it.  Gives me character!!!

 Do you plan on ever wearing a wig again?

I have not worn a wig since I   stepped out of the salon in January and I don’t plan on going back to them.  My natural hair is Me in all my glory and I love it!  I don’t have   to worry whether it looks stiff or fake like I did with some of the wig   styles.

How would you define your beauty?

That is a very challenging question for me.  I’m still defining my beauty. I’m still making changes, not only how I choose to wear my hair but for better health and happier living.  So I will say my beauty is “transitional”. I am finally being defined by me!    For so long I allowed society and other people to influence how I   should look.  I am learning to take the lead in loving and appreciating   myself for who I am and not placing so much emphasis on what someone else may   think.

What advice would you give to a lady who wants to stop wearing wigs, but is nervous?

I would tell her that the nervousness  is to be expected because change can be a scary process.  Weigh The pros   and cons and really try to determine what is holding her back from making the   change and then pray for the strength and guidance to make the transition.    A very wise woman told me years ago “people, places and things   serve a purpose in our lives and then it’s time to move on”.  That   has been the sum of my experiences with my hair.

At what we will refer to as a ‘seasoned age’, Mrs. Margie  took a leap outside of her comfort zone and made a change. I hear so often that at a certain age a person is STUCK in there ways. Well Mrs. Margie isn’t the case! I commend her because it takes ladies a few bad hair styles and a few ok ones until we find a style that suits us; and when we find that hair style that compliments every curve in our face, we tend to stick with it! We may alter it just a tad, adding a little color, cut a layer or two or trim  our bangs a new way. Once we, and all who are around us get use to that style, it can be kind of, no VERY scary to introduce a new style. Not only a new one, but a dramatic one such as Mrs. Margie’s transformation. As I look at Mrs. Margies hair styles over the years, no doubt she was beautiful in each one ROCKIN them to the ‘T”. However, when I look at the photo of her rockin’ her short hair cut, embracing HER hair there is something that stands out. There is a glow, a confidence & might I point out cheekbones that I dream of. I salute you Mrs. Margie for being proof that when you embrace who you are , it indeed embraces you back. 

           Thank you Mrs. Margie for helping me REDEFINE beauty!

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Bare.Bold&Beautiful in Brooklyn
Jun 08 2014

Brooklyn: My Sisters Keeper

On 5/30/13 I was invited by two of my grad school friends to come present to their girls group. I was excited to bring Bare.Bold&Beautiful to BROOKLYN Nyc ! As soon as I entered the room the girls greeted me with high energy; so of course that heightened my energy (even more). They were an energetic, opinionated & insightful group of young ladies. They expressed how they enjoyed the presentation, liked me as a presenter & immediately put on their Bare.Bold&Beautiful buttons as they held up their Bare.Bold&Beautiufl mirrors to gaze at themselves. However,  it was what I received later that made me think “maybe they really liked what I had to say!”

4 days later I received a text from a friend who teaches at the same school I presented at in Brooklyn. As I went to open the text this———————————————>

My sisters keeper

photo  (blurred to protect her identify) popped up ! Overjoyed is not the word! There she was; a girl who I recognized from the group I had presented to. And wait , what is that she is wearing? Her Bare.Bold&Beautiful button! I know you may be thinking ” Well, why wouldn’t she?” See, after I present to a group  and leave, I often wonder do the girls still rock their Bare.Bold&Beautiful buttons. I mean of course they wear them in front of me, but what about when I am long gone? Do they sit it on their dresser & allow it to collect dust? Do they give it away to avoid wearing it? These are the thoughts that skip through my mind. BUT, when I received that photo all those thoughts were put on hold. In my mind because she had wore her Bare.Bold&Beautiful button after I was long gone and not knowing that she would be acknowledged for wearing it,  I just knew she was not the only one! In my head every girl who has been gifted a Bare.Bold&Beautiful button is eating, sleeping, selfing( taking selfies)  with her Bare.Bold&Beautiful button on!

Thank you young lady for letting me know you

ROCK your Bare.Bold&Beautiful button with PRIDE!

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Beautiful on the “D” Train
May 10 2014

*Nov 23 - 00:05*

Image Credit:

When living in a city, particularly New York City, it is not uncommon to be hit on. I think that is apart of the reason ladies have their head phones plugged into their ears at what seems like ALL TIMES. Having headphones in our ears is an excuse as to why we don’t respond to the catcalls, whistles and the cheesey pick up lines.

Unfortunately, I always seemed to forget my headphones, so my ears were vulnerable. Vulnerable to hear all the catcalls, whistles and pick-up lines. Therfore,  I had absolutely no excuse as to why I did not acknowledge the attention seeking noises.  One day while I was on the D train headed to school, a gentlemen and I stood on a packed train, holding onto the same pole for balance. I could feel him staring at me. I would occasionally look at him, but unlike most people who break their stare when “caugt”, he did not. I became not only uncomfortable, but annoyed. I mean, couldn’t he at least fake like he wasn’t looking at me?  I decided to no longer engage his staring.  Instead, I would ignore him as if I had earphones plugged in . I had prepared myself to ignore whatever cheesey pick up line that would soon accompany his stare. That all went out the window as he leaned in and whispered to me. I turned to him and responded “what did you say?” in a curious tone. He leaned in once more and said “you’re very beautiful, don’t change.” And then proceeded to exit the train.

I stood there as a lady smiled at me. Her smile is what should have shown on my face, but insead I stood there blanked, shocked, even confused. He didn’t ask for my name. He didn’t ask for my number. Nothing. All he wanted to do was pay me that compliment and nothing else.

It left me thinking. Here I was, a tainted young lady. Tainted by the sounds and words of men who did everything, but compliment me with no further intentions. In turn, little by little I had equipped myself with earphones, sometimes imaginary , fake texting and a straightforward stare. All of which would help block out “those guys” as I walked down the streets. Thank God on that day I left the house without one of my protective weapons; because If I would have been prepared, I would have missed out on hearing the sweet sincerity that still exist in guys.

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6 Months Abstinent
Apr 29 2014




When did you decide to abstain from make-up?

 I decided to abstain from make-up October of 2013.

 What caused you to abstain from make-up?

I have always had black spots and blemishes on my face. These marks made me feel like they needed to be fixed. I believe I tried every home-made remedy and product out there to help tone my complexion and to remove those dreadful pimples and nothing completely cleared my skin. I wanted to cover what I thought at that time were flaws and I felt so ugly without it.  I have discovered that I was seeking perfection on something I have no control over.  My Creator is God and I am made in his image, so constantly trying to change something that I had no parts in creating, in my opinion is a constant win/lose battle. Also, trying to cover my face with make-up is somewhat a slap in the face to my Heavenly Father. Therefore, I decided to abstain from make-up to stop hiding behind the fabricated lies, that without make-up I am less beautiful.

Were you self-conscious when first going make-up free?

Yes, yes, and yes! I felt like everyone was looking at my black heads and blemishes, it felt like I was under a microscope and I was the only target in a huge paintball battle.

 Are there days when you want to wear make-up?  

Yep, there sure are. It’s when I have spent entirely too much time on social media sites. I found that when I consume myself with a lot of scrolling on different newsfeeds I become indulged in wanting to look like the next girl. As well as those mornings after getting ready, and not liking what I see in the mirror because of that surprise pimple that looks like it has its own private island or having bags the size of Mount Everest under my eyes that just won’t go down.

On those days, what helps you to not put it on?

By pointing out the features that I like and telling myself that with it I would still be La’Toya nothing less nothing more, simply me.



Which does your fiancé prefer make-up or no make-up?

He prefers no make-up.

How long do you plan to abstain from make-up?

A life time, I don’t have a desire to wear make-up any longer. One day I may go back to it, but for now, I’m good. 
No Make-up

No Make-up

What have you learned about your beauty since abstaining from make-up?

I have learned that my beauty truly comes from within. I know that is a cliché to some ,but to be honest, it’s just that simple.

How would you define your beauty?

My beauty is simple, different, and vibrant. Keeping simplicity in my appearance has been a journey that I have tried to continue to uphold. I would like to be an advocate for Christian women that aim to keep modesty at the forefront. I believe that everyone is beautiful but it’s all about how it is defined. I try to portray that simplicity is not always Plain Jane, it can be fashionable and cute.

What encouraging words would you give another lady who is struggling to embrace her Bare Beauty?

To any lady that is struggling with embracing their Bare Beauty, I encourage you to not be afraid to compliment yourself. Also, to try to maintain a positive perspective, in all you do, while enjoying the little and big things in your life. It may take away some of the stress of conforming to societies outlook on beauty.
As well as recognizing that just because no one may have not acknowledged or appreciated your beauty yet, you can be the first to do so.
                                                       There is no set definition of beauty; it comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. 
No Make-Up

No Make-Up


Talk about courage! How often do we just stop doing something that makes us feel so good to embark on a journey that brings us great discomfort? I commend La’Toya for removing her safety net & coming face to face with her insecurities. You truly inspired me. It is on the days that I look in the mirror & do not like what I see looking back that I make the conscious decision to NOT put a stitch of make-up on! It’s not to torture myself, but to strengthen myself; to allow me to find beauty in my discomfort. The days I am rocking’ my Bare face & am loving what I see, what growth comes from that?  It’s those days where I do not like what I see, fixating on all that is wrong with my face…. on those days, specifically those days is when I grow. I grow because I don’t take refuge in make-up, but instead push myself to dig deep, to search & find the beauty that I possess that does not relate to the physical.

Is it easy? HECK NO! Everything in me wants to make the dark circles around my eyes disappear, the acne blemishes fade away & to extend my lashes as far as they can go, but I don’t. I don’t because I want to build the confidence in my bare beauty that  I have in my made up beauty. 

 I want to be completely comfortable with the beauty that was assigned to me by God, not the beauty assigned to me by man.

I refuse to continue to allow make-up to receive the credit when someone says “you’re beautiful” , but instead give my father God it.

Who will you give the credit to?

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Bare.Bold&Beautiful Meet Up: Elizabeth City, NC 4. 12. 14
Apr 22 2014

BBB meet up Elizabeth City, Nc

I had the pleasure to meet up with some Bare.Bold.Beauties in Elizabeth City, NC. Some ladies I already have the pleasure of knowing, some I was able to get better acquainted with & others I met for the FIRST TIME! It’s funny, I had to remind myself that this was my first time meeting these ladies. Connecting through Bare.Bold&Beautiful made me feel as though I already knew them; and knew them well! I had such a great time speaking with these beautiful ladies & taking in all their awesome advice & feedback. I am hoping that I can put together more Bare.Bold&Beautiufl meet ups.
Hopefully in a city near YOU!
Special thanks to the ladies who came out & to the ones who wanted to be there, next time.
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Her name was Beauty
Apr 19 2014


Photo Credit

While out on the town I met a lady named Beauty; well her nic name was beauty.
How cool is that though?
My nic name is Kiki, but it would be much more intriguing when asked by a charming guy
“And what is your name?”
I could look him in his eyes & respond “Beauty.”
Talk about captivating! 


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“I’m not the ugly girl anymore”
Mar 25 2014

Sam and Hubby wedding picture
                Sam & Husband, Wedding ’13

I have to admit you make me think. I never considered myself to be “attractive” and got a lot of negative attention in high school, was never the “pretty girl”. But 2 yrs ago I met my husband and he is SO physically attractive I never thought he would have ever given me a second look, but as it turned out he chased ME, and for whatever reason finds me to be “the most beautiful female he’s ever met“. So all the jerks from high school can bite me haha. I’m not the ugly girl anymore :)

The above message was sent to me via facebook inbox by a girl I had attended high school with. This message saddened me initially as I tried to imagine how high school must have been for her being the “unattractive” girl. I thought about the envy she may have  felt towards “the pretty girl”, being invisible to her crush, and all the times she had looked in the mirror wanting to change because of it. I had to stop myself from pitting her, realizing her story wasn’t a story of defeat, but one of triumph! She has found a guy who’s eyes were not blind to her beauty, but instead saw her beauty with perfect vision.

Ladies, how often do we desire to change ourselves so that we can be the “pretty” girl, getting the attention from our crush? Shoot guys in genera! I know I have my moments! I mean what girl doesn’t like to be told ” you are beautiful?” The thing is we make too many changes for guys.  What if your red hair , your weight , or dark skin you changed is just what would have attracted your future husband to notice you?   You changed who you are for some temporary attention, jeopardizing permanent admiration.

Bold Beauties, stay true to YOU & the right guy will be true to you as well!

PS: Sam, I asked your husband what is the reason he finds you so beautiful &he answered:  ” In my eyes she shines. She has an amazing body, but the best thing about her is that she cares about me and actually shows it. To me that makes me love her. When I fell in love with her she seemed and still seems like the most beautiful woman in the world.  A woman that cares for her man  is a beautiful woman cause she shows love and that is a beautiful thing.  “. So now you know ;)
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Her, Without hesitation
Mar 23 2014

This past November I was the photographer for my church’s Thanksgiving dinner . As I was taking photos I came across an eclectic young lady. Then, when I looked, I saw the boy version of her! Though I was not there for my own personal photos I knew I had to photograph them for my Photo Blog. I photographed the girl and then asked her to define her beauty. I then went on to photograph  the guy and when asked the follow up question ” What is beauty to you?” Without hesitation his eyes gazed in her direction and simply said “her.”


 I melted.

We ALL deserve a guy that when he thinks of beauty, he envisions our face, without hesitation.


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Bare.Bold&Beautiful in the PRESS
Mar 21 2014

I am beyond honored, not to mention excited, that The Day paper not only interviewed me via phone the weekend before the launch party, but went a step further & sent a reporter to cover the launch party the following weekend! One of my co-workers jokingly asked  “Do you know someone on the inside? Because they usually don’t cover the same story two weekends in a row.” I realized: I don’t need to know anyone on the inside the way God is showering his favor on the Bare.Bold&Beautiful movement.

And oh how thankful I am for his favor.

Pre website launch article :Read here

Post website launch article: Read here


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