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Talk About IT Seminar ’15
Aug 27 2015

On 8.15.15 God allowed his vision to come to fruition and the Talk About IT Seminar came into full effect. Leading up to this event I experienced discouragement, fatigue and feelings of being overwhelmed. I decided after this Talk About IT Seminar it would be the last. It was too much to prepare for alone, but I tell you what as soon as I saw the girls begin to come in to register for the Seminar, I immediately knew all the lost sleep, endless promoting and running around were ALL WORTH IT.


Parents and participants were welcomed with bright smiles and complimentary breakfast as they registered for the Seminar.

TAI 15 Carmen Registration                                        IMG_8888 TAI 15 cafe ladies   IMG_8887


During the ice breakers the girls disclosed some deep struggles: Attempts of suicide, being constantly sad and not knowing why and having drug addicted parents.  When these girls shared these feelings so early in the Summit I was taken aback and overcome with a rush of emotions. I had to excuse myself to collect my myself.  After those statements the girls followed with “I have NEVER told anyone else these things before, but it felt good to get it out.”                                                                                                                                                                  TAI Ice Breaker 1 TAI Ice Breaker TAI 15 Ice Breaker

Workshop I: My Perception

Leanna facilitated the first workshop which caused the girls to explore how they perceive themselves vs. how the world perceives them. The girls were each showered with compliments one girl later stating ” When everyone was giving me those compliments I  wanted to cry. No one ever compliments me.” TAI 15 Workshop 1

TAI 15 after 1 workshop

TAI 15 Workshop 1  TAI 15 Workshop 1

Lunch Time

It was nice to look around and see the girls enjoying not only their food, but their newly found friends! But the girls didn’t waste no time eating as they quickly finished their food asking “What’s next Shakia? “TAI 15 Lunch Line

TAI 15 Lunch

TAI 15 Lunch

Workshop II: Sharing Chairs

I facilitated the second. This workshop got the girls up and moving during a interactive activity similar to musical chairs. The girls were prompted to answer a question if the chair they were sitting in were chosen and could also win prizes.

                              TAI 15 Sharing Chairs TAI 15 Sharing Chairs 

TAI 15 give away      TAI 15 give away  TAI 15 give away

Impromptu Karaoke

Two participants came and asked could they sing a song after spotting that their was a microphone hooked up to the speaker. Though we were on a time constraint I figured, this event is for them so if Karaoke is what they are desiring we could make it happen. What I thought would be only two girls performing turned into many more including myself and Leanna. These girls were so talented, I was beyond impressed.

TAI 15 Girls singing  TAI 15 Singing

TAI 15 Girls Watching TAI 15 Girls watching performance


Each girl received a Certificate of Courage for completing the Talk About IT Seminar. These girls were so courageous throughout the entire Summit; especially one girl, who after engaging in one of the ice breaker activities began to sob uncontrollably. She stated that the information she’d shared was information that she’d been holding in for a long time.  For her to have shared one of her  struggles and tears with a group of girls you had known not even an hour is one examples of the courage exhibited during the Seminar. 

TAI Certificates

Raffles & Ice Cream

Each girl had the opportunity to place her tickets into a hat at a chance to win 1 of the 3 beautiful raffle baskets while enjoying some yummy ice cream (with even more yummy toppings)!

                                          TAI Ice Cream              TAI 15 raffle winner


After a day full of tears, laughter and singing we decided to wrap up the Seminar with DANCE! I loved seeing everyone come together and not be afraid to show their  moves in front of one another. I especially loved the encouragement that was given to one another.

TAI 15 Dancing  IMG_9105


TAI 15 WOrkshop carmen with mirror    TAI 15 hugging   TAI 15 Carmen with mirror    TAI 15 Hugging 2

I can honestly say that every girl was transparent, every girl presented as genuine and every girl was included. Thank you to each parent who invested in their young lady’s self esteem, it’s needed more than you realize. I thank God for choosing me, lil ol’ me to facilitate events that create an outlet, a safe haven to let them know that they are NOT alone in their struggles.

What are they saying post seminar ?

” My girls enjoyed the workshop sooooooooo much!  They were still talking about it and were careful to honor the confidentially of the participants.  (They wouldn’t talk about certain things when I was around.). I hope you will do it again and raise your fee!-  Tasha, A parent of a participant.”
“I had a great time there and I created a special bond with the girls there and to me that means a lot. I heard a lot of their stories and realized that there are other people struggling with the same things I am. To know that people are going through it and getting through it, gives me hope. This was a great experience for me. Thank you Shakia for making this happen.- Anna, a participant.”

“Shakia, the world is in DESPERATE NEED of YOU. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice. My girls were deeply moved and inspired. God is awesome! Just know that this workshop did not fall on deaf ears.- Katie, A parent of a participant.”

“I was able to learn that everyone has a past and you are not the only one struggling even though it may seem that way.- Monique, a participant.”
“Thank you so much, the girl’s had such a great time they are still talking about it. My daughter is excited for the next one ! Faith-A parent of a participant.”

Special Thanks

Leanna: for traveling to facilitate a workshop

Panera Bread & St Vincent De Paul: Food Donations

Bare Minerals: Make Up Donations

Desiree & Chappel: Preparing & serving food

Rachael: Creating 3 beautiful raffle baskets

Carmen, Karen & Barbabra: Lending helping hands

Ronita &  Dawn: Donating give away prizes

Jewell, Karen & Barbara: Monetary Donations  


Pamper My Pretty 3.28.15
Apr 16 2015

I hear all too often that women DO NOT support one another. We are too busy gossiping about one another and being jealous of another women. Maybe that is true, no, no let’s be real that is true; but not completely. Just like there are guys who gossip and envy the next guy, we , as women we have those same threads amongst us. However, I do believe that the gossip can be replaced with networking and the jealousy be replaced with uplifting. This was what the Pamper My Pretty event was all about! This was a night where local business women came and networked with local women by showcasing their products and skills. This night was about bringing women together to support and uplift one another. The attendees were being uplifted by the business women by sampling their products and skills and the the business women were asking that the women attendees support them after having experienced their product and or skill. 

The PMP Team



Food-PMP Food-PMPFood-PMP

 Hostess with the Most-ess

* Checkout my glitter lips, I stopped at the lipstick bar!

Shakia Hosting PMP

Massage Deandrea PMP           Jasmine-PMPHair Consultation  Ari-PMP

Body By VI consultation & Samples

Ariells Make Up PMP Make Up Enhancement Arielle- PMP

Eye brow threading/ Eye brow waxing

                        Kella-PMP Michela Tweezing PMP

Henna Tatoos

                        Henna-PMP Henna-PMP

Braiding Shop

                                 Braid Table-PMP Jesslyn PMP

Lipstick Bar

                                     Lauren-PMP Lauren Liptick PMP


                                   Manicurist-PMP Ms.Anne- PMP
Avon Products
Sis Karen-PMP
Lucinda-PMP Hand Massages w/ Kay  Jay Cosmetics   Lucinda-PMP

After having their PRETTY PAMPERED it was only right they capture it in a PHOTO!


Photo taking PMP 4 Photo taking PMP 2                    Photo Taking PMP Dawn-PMP                       Shakia taking photo PMP Lauren and Shakia PMP    Renee-PMP  Dawn and Shakia PMP Adwoas Girls PMP Shakia and Deshanda PMP

 Opps, where did I put that vendors business card?

Need to contact a vendor? Check below for vendor information

Table 1: Massage Therapist:

Hair Dresser:860.514.1091

Table 2: Body By VI:

Table 3: Make Up Enhancement:

Eye brow threading/ Eye brow waxing: 475.201.2269

Table 4: Henna Artist:

Table 5: Braiding Shop: 860.857.9190


Table 6: Manicurist: 860.885.4245

Table 7: Avon Consultant:

Table 8: Kay Jay Cosmetics: 860.617.6235

Photo Credit to : Shakia & La Chale:

This night EXCEEDED my expectations.

” I was nervous about coming to the event, not knowing many people, but as soon as I came through the door everyone was so welcoming. They were saying do you want a drink? Come this way and get a massage. Do you want your nails done? It was so amazing.” – Tiffany

” I didn’t really want to come at first , I only came to support you,  But can I just say that this event was awesome, no really, awesome.”- Carol

Never in my life have I ever had people cheer for me like that, ever. ( an attendee who was dancing on the dance floor)- Tiara

are some of the responses that were shared with me in between the repeated ” this event  is just so amazing” that was shared by numerous people. I even saw a girl taking a picture with the sentence ” I have never had this much fun” on a hand held whiteboard. As I looked around the room in the midst of the event I saw unity, I saw confidence, I saw women of all ages celebrating the beauty we possess externally and within our skills. In between the music I heard echo’s of laugher and chatter creating not a cacophony, but a sweet melody. What more could I have ask for?

God get’s ALL the glory.

Special Thanks to:


The vendors




Bare Minerals 



Bare.Bold&Beautiful Presents: Pamper My Pretty 3/28/15
Feb 23 2015

Pamper My Pretty



Girl Talk
Jun 16 2014

 Getting creative with food

Girl Talk : Norwich 2014

           Season your popcorn          Make a fruit kabob           Decorate your cookie

IMG_5879     Girl Talk : Norwich 2014     IMG_5883

Girl Talk : Norwich 2014                                   IMG_5906


Girl Talk : Norwich 2014

IMG_5935 IMG_5929

Comfort Square :

 How comfortable are you with…

  IMG_5943 Girl Talk : Norwich 2014 Girl Talk : Norwich 2014


Girl Talk : Norwich 2014

1. Grab a partner you don’t know   2. Pick a compliment to give to her  3. Go take a photo with her & your compliments!

Girl Talk: Norwich 2014    IMG_5891   Girl Talk : Norwich 2014

 A Discussion on :

Girl Talk : Norwich 2014

 Body image. Self acceptance & Empowerment!

Girl Talk : Norwich 2014 Girl Talk : Norwich 2014 Girl Talk : Norwich 2014

While planning the Girl Talk event I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  I knew I would pull the decorations together & be sure to prepare the food, but how would the girls react?  I was especially nervous that the girls would live up the 3 C’s of the stereo typical perception of young girls: cliquey, catty & chatty. Where they cliquey? They tried because they were nervous & found comfort with their friends. However, my staff , having been young girls once, planned for this & found a way to prevent it. Were they chatty? Of course! But they were chatty sharing their questions, thoughts & uplifting compliments. Were they catty? I am happy to report absolutely NOT! Some may say “they were on their best behavior” as if they had hid their true catty ways. But  I wonder were they more of themselves, knowing that in that space, it was acceptable to let their guard down &  to be sincere, complementary & transparent with their peer? As I sat back & watched these girls interact with one another & listened as they shared their insecurities & confidence, I was taken a back. These girls battled with all that I had expected, but they had so much strength that I think I had initially down played. They even shared some of their strength with me when I was weak in expressing my insecurities. A simple ” but you’re still beautiful” from a girl lifted my spirits! I am so honored that these girls opened up to me & my staff. They created  a safe space for one another and myself to be vulnerable realizing that we all STRUGGLE to reach the destination of completely loving ourselves, but it is a journey that we are all traveling together.

                  Thanks Girls, you brought my dream to reality!



Website Launch Party 3 . 15 . 14
Apr 10 2014



                                                                                             Dj Ramon Cesar

                                         Shawna singing

    Shawna Ortiz singing the official Bare.Bold&Beautiful theme song


mommy and pelly Desh and mannequinFamily conversting 2conversing 5 conversing 3 Launch Mingling Launch Migling

Minglying Uncle Tee Toni and Matt mingling


Take a compliment and give it to a person in the room

“Your compliment can uplift someone’s self-esteem. if not for a lifetime for that moment” -Shakia

 Uplifting comp sign                        comp comp 4 comp 3 comp 2

                 giving comps giving comps 5 giving comps 6            giving comps 4  Comps given     giving comps 3


Bare.Bold&Beautiful Merchandise

     Mirrors Pelly and mirrorhappy customer Earrings


                                          Buttons                                                                 Bumper Stickers

Guest Speakers

Teleisha-speaker                   Speakers              jessie-speaker

       Telisha Gibson                                                                                                                                              Jessie Primett

Crowd listening to speakers Crowd listening to speakers Crowd listening to speakers


 Miss Bold Thee Mannequin


bbb-25 girls and mannequin mama rach and Mannequin


Fannas Son


Step& Repeat

       me and the ladies

  baby bro and I  family 4    step and repeat  Step and repeat 9    Family 2  Step and repeat 8  step and repeat 7  step and repeat 6 daddy and I step and repeat 3 GFH step and repeat 2  family 3  happy customer2  Mrs Kelly Step adn REpeat mom mama and Racheal Step and Repeat Telisha and Friends  Step and Repeat 2 girls bbb-Step and repeat David, Derrick and Dawn   Step adn Repeat Shakia and Shawna Step and repeat Deshand , Rontaysha and Shakia Step and Repeat a girl and lady Step adn Repeat Poe, Mama Racheal and Aaron Step adn REpeat David , Priatta, Derek Step and Repeat Step and Repeat Dave and Jasmine Step and REpeat Tay and Jaron       Step and Repeat Yasmine IMGL0874   

       Jemel and B

Photo Credit: Joshua Rashaad & Dana Stanley

  After 2 months of praying, sleepless nights, promoting, shopping & stressing, the night of the website launch arrived! Ask anyone who was there & they can attest that I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I wanted to make sure things were as perfect as possible & everyone was enjoying themselves. While catering so intently to the event I never had a chance to be present, never taking the time to stop & take the night in. After the event I viewed the facebook photos, read the facebook status’ sharing how amazing the event was,  listened intently as people explained details of the event I had missed in my pacing & lastly waking up to the beautiful event write up in the newspaper            (Read Here).   After all was said & done, I was a little sad at the realization that I missed all of what others were able to enjoy. I had missed tasting the beautiful cupcakes made from scratch, I had missed taking photos with friends, I had missed just taking the time to laugh & converse. However, I thank God because I was able to step outside of myself & remember that the event was NOT for me, but for everyone who was uplifted by a compliment that night, who was inspired to pursue their dreams, and for the young lady who said she has now found a purpose to live.