“I’m not the ugly girl anymore”

Sam and Hubby wedding picture
                Sam & Husband, Wedding ’13

I have to admit you make me think. I never considered myself to be “attractive” and got a lot of negative attention in high school, was never the “pretty girl”. But 2 yrs ago I met my husband and he is SO physically attractive I never thought he would have ever given me a second look, but as it turned out he chased ME, and for whatever reason finds me to be “the most beautiful female he’s ever met“. So all the jerks from high school can bite me haha. I’m not the ugly girl anymore :)

The above message was sent to me via facebook inbox by a girl I had attended high school with. This message saddened me initially as I tried to imagine how high school must have been for her being the “unattractive” girl. I thought about the envy she may have  felt towards “the pretty girl”, being invisible to her crush, and all the times she had looked in the mirror wanting to change because of it. I had to stop myself from pitting her, realizing her story wasn’t a story of defeat, but one of triumph! She has found a guy who’s eyes were not blind to her beauty, but instead saw her beauty with perfect vision.

Ladies, how often do we desire to change ourselves so that we can be the “pretty” girl, getting the attention from our crush? Shoot guys in genera! I know I have my moments! I mean what girl doesn’t like to be told ” you are beautiful?” The thing is we make too many changes for guys.  What if your red hair , your weight , or dark skin you changed is just what would have attracted your future husband to notice you?   You changed who you are for some temporary attention, jeopardizing permanent admiration.

Bold Beauties, stay true to YOU & the right guy will be true to you as well!

PS: Sam, I asked your husband what is the reason he finds you so beautiful &he answered:  ” In my eyes she shines. She has an amazing body, but the best thing about her is that she cares about me and actually shows it. To me that makes me love her. When I fell in love with her she seemed and still seems like the most beautiful woman in the world.  A woman that cares for her man  is a beautiful woman cause she shows love and that is a beautiful thing.  “. So now you know ;)
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8 thoughts on ““I’m not the ugly girl anymore”

  1. Charmaine says:

    Love this story!

  2. Taneisha Stancil says:

    Yes…often times we do change for “some temporary attention, jeopardizing permanent admiration.” I love that quote. You are right, you never know what your “flaws” will attract. We were made originals, so we need to stay originals and not no cheap copies.

  3. Leanna says:

    What I find most intriguing about this blog is the guys response. You never really know how someone feels until they express themselves. Simply cute!

  4. Stavonna says:

    I LOVE THIS STORY!! So encouraging!!

  5. Donetta says:

    I absolutely love this story. Many people change who they are because they do not believe that they are beautiful. They are so fascinated with changing something about there outward appearance just because they do not feel comfortable in there own skin. Your story helps everyone know that true love is out there waiting if you just believe. Thanks to this story I’m confident that love does exist for everyone.

  6. Delesia says:

    I can definitely relate to this story…..talking to someone that I felt I didn’t look good enough to be with. And having people in a “polite way” make it know by saying “oh wow, that’s who you talk to” and I’m wondering what does that suppose to mean lol….I love this story!!!! Thanks for putting it up Kia!!!

  7. Jessica Livingston says:

    I love this story…. it made me cry!!!!!!!! Amazing story…… so happy for you guys!!!!!

  8. Ashley Sam-Kpakra says:

    Beautiful story goes to show you there is someone for EVERYONE. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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