It’s not me- It’s you- A break up letter to Make Up

Dear Make Up,
This is the last time I plan to interact with you in any way for a long, long time. As soon as it hit me how much of negative influence you are, I didn’t even have to think for more than an instant about deciding to end things. I know this is a shock. I’ve known you since I was about 10 years old and treated you like my savior, my saving grace. You could make me feel pretty when I didn’t think I was and you were fun to play with before going out or other special occasions. When you were gone, I used to hate myself because I felt incomplete without you. I didn’t even think people would take me seriously without you or would worse, judge me, when you and I weren’t together.  To say I felt incomplete without you would be accurate. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize that you’re toxic. I was a slave to setting aside time for you. I was dependent on you, I felt I could not be without you. I thought you were improving my confidence, but you did nothing. You made me a fake-self, distant from my natural state.Try not to take it personally. You, in essence, aren’t bad. For some, you might be a positive influence and really help someone. But the problem is that you easily suck girls in to think they need you to feel good about themselves. The unhealthy relationship we had was the main problem.I was nervous to be without you, I’m not going to lie. Each day, though, it got a little easier. Now, I have never felt so independent, confident, self-assured, and free. Let’s not even talk about how much extra free time I’m now enjoying. I think I’m more beautiful on my own anyway. I smile brighter, my eyes shine brighter, and my cheeks are rosier without you. Don’t come running back because you can’t fool me again. I hate to be a heart breaker, but this must be done.
Sorry, makeup, it’s not me- it’s you. 
Maura has decided to break up with make up by going make up free for one year, so I decided to ask her to put it in writing! You can follow her journey day by day via Instagram @makeuplessmaura. I am rooting for you Maura as you get to know, embrace & share your natural beauty!
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