Miss Black NC Bullied on Weight & Hair


“I was bullied as a kid because of my weight and hair things of that nature. So I wanted to help other young girls who suffer with self esteem issues .”

My first interaction with Ashley was in my facebook group Barely Beautiful. She posted a photo of her self wearing her crown with the caption “I AM MISS BLACK NC USA TALENTED TEEN 2014, and I am bold and beautiful!!!” She then went on to comment: My platform is Promoting bea-U-ty through individuality, not looks.  The title of her platform & the word “teen” in her title immediately intrigued me. I mean really, how many teens are focused on inner beauty? It seems that the younger generation is caught up in this whirl wind of money, clothes and make-up. What’s inner beauty again ? Seems to be the question.  Well I know one 16 y/o who can answer that question.

The name of my platform is Beauty. I chose this platform because as a kid I was bullied and I was insecure with my self. I want to encourage inner beauty and not outter beauty. The judges loved my platform because a lot of them could relate to it . My platform has helped my self esteem grow. I’ve became more of a lady. I define my beauty as BOLD and beautiful. Some encouraging words to ladies struggling to embrace their beauty: God made you the way you are and you should just embrace it! Everyone is beautiful and beauty comes from the inside not the outside. Look in the mirror and say no, be happy, be you, and be beautiful.- Ashley

What wise words from such an young lady. No matter the age we all seem to struggle with completely loving our self. However, Ashley is proof that no matter what the age it is never too early or late to take steps to love our self!



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