No matter who it is, we all need a little self care. However, the truth is that many do not have the means to treat themselves to something as simple, but soothing as a manicure. So for those who do not have the means Nails of Love allots that treat! Myself, along with any volunteers I can gather together, go to our local soup kitchen and set  up shop.

The recipients are prompted to wish their hands first.

They are then given a hand massage by a volunteer while engaging in conversation.

   IMG_20160723_113202 (1) IMG_20160723_122903 IMG_20160723_112522

The volunteers gave each other massages because their hands were hunting from giving massages to the recipients. But not once did a volunteer ask for a break.


Recipients are then able to pick a color and given a professional level manicure (some of the volunteer are actually licensed manicurist).

IMG_20160723_102524 IMG_20160723_124957 IMG_20160723_102405 (1)

I was challenged. One recipient said ” I don’t think you can do anything for these hands” After talking to him about 30 minutes trying to convince him to let me try, he did. I worked HARD on these nails, put some good ol’ elbow grease in it. Well, all that work paid off! Look at the before and after! In addition he explained that his hands had been so cramped from working so much and the hand massage loosened them up greatly.

IMG_20160723_125042 IMG_20160723_131407

                               Before                                                                                                               After



    The smiles, sincere gratitude and conversation with all the recipients truly, truly, make it all worth it!

IMG_20160723_114807  IMG_20160723_113112_1 (1)

IMG_20160723_105041 (1)      IMG_20160723_105452       IMG_20160723_112411

Thank you to each and every volunteer who gave of themselves to give to others.

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