Operation Warm Encouragements complete!


A few months ago I shared this story on Facebook:

“One NYC winter day as I headed to volunteer I witnessed a homeless man wearing loose fitting, untied shoes with no socks on. My heart sunk and I cringed at the thought of how cold his feet must have been with the snow on the ground. It bothers me still as I admit this, but that day I did nothing. Nothing, but hurried into the subway to catch my train. Why? I still do not have an answer as to why I did absolutely NOTHING.
But I am doing something NOW and am asking that YOU help me!”

 I knew my efforts would not solve the deaths that occur each year due to hypothermia or the countless incidents of frostbite they experience, but with the help of others we could bring a little more warmth to their unfortunate situation.

With the help of others I was able to collect :
186 pairs of socks
21 hats
60 packs of hand and feet warmers
And 100 handwritten notes from the bully buster youth organization!

Myself and and 3 volunteers were able to pack 52 bags that included a few pairs of socks, a hat, hand and feet warmers and a warm encouraging card from the youth.

God always has a plan because I was able to distribute the bags twice this winter. Each time a day before the two largest snow storms this winter. As I sit here watching the snow fall to work towards the 36 inches we are expected to get, my heart is saddened. Truly saddened. I think about those who have no where to go and because of that will die due to hypothermia.
On this cold day, may we count our blessings and pray for those who are trying to stay warm without shelter.

Thank you all for your contributions!
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