Pamper My Pretty: The Self Esteem Expo


Last year this event was a closed event. However, after an attendee told me last year  “This was so empowering, you must do this again, but open it up to more women” and overhearing a young attendee exclaim, ” this is the best day of my life!” I knew this expo was  NEEDED again.  The theme of the expo was Uplift.Inspire.Empower.  I wanted the attendees walking away having been Uplifted through the self esteem activities, Inspired by witnessing all the women business owners & Empowered by all the compliments and confidence that was poured into them.

This was a day to be remembered, let me walk you through it…


Welcome to The Pamper My Pretty:

The Self Esteem Expo 2016

Who wouldn’t want to walk into a place and be greeted by these great smiles?

IMG_2956Attendees went to Kia to purchase tickets in person IMG_2955

Attendees went to Harold (aka My Daddy) & Annie with advanced tickets


Would you believe that ladies were lined up at 10:00 am to receive a free swag bag? That’s two hours before the expo was set to start!


Featured Swag Bag Items

   ADD untitled 14 untitled 17 ADD 10 untitled 15


Product vendors were Ready, Set & Prepared to introduce and sell new products to attendees 

(all product vendors not featured below)

IMG_2910 IMG_2907 IMG_2905 IMG_2901 IMG_2898 IMG_2903 IMG_2897 IMG_2900 IMG_2895 IMG_2891 IMG_2886 IMG_2921


    Welcome to the Beauty Bar: How May We Pamper You?

The Beauty Bar specialist worked their magic at pampering the already pretty attendees. The Beauty Bar Specialist are committed to their craft as well as making sure their clients are happy.

BBS Vanessa  IMG_2925 BBS Tandi PMP BBS- Make Up 

PMP- BBS Manicurist BBS Ve 2 untitled 5 BBS Chelsea

BBS Karin BBS DeAndrea  Face painting Henna 3 




Look at those smiles!

If you had just gotten pampered & knew you looked good, you’d smile too!

                   .Hair.                                 .Make-Up.                     .Nails.                       .Body Painting.                

 After photos 3 After photos untitled 8 IMG_2919 


Henna 4

Showing off our moves! 

DJ Lady J kept the music spinning & had us all dancing!

I love dancing & I love to see other people dancing. I witnessed a few attendees wanting to dance on the dance floor, but were too shy. Soooooo, I went over to them and guided them to the dance floor. The once shy attendees eventually out danced me!   

Dancing 2

Dancing 3

Beauty Bench:

My Beauty Is….

Write one word that defines your beauty



IMG_2961 signing


Kiss Of Beauty Wall:

Who made you feel beautiful today?

Pink= Beauty Bar Specialist

Yellow=  Work Shop Facilitator

Orange= Product Vendor

1. Choose a color post it. 2. Apply Lipstick 3. give them a kiss of thanks on the post-it!

IMG_2963 IMG_2958 

 beauty wall ADD 9

 Vision Board Workshop

W/ Marcela Lee:

1 of 5 Self Esteem Workshops offered 

                        V Board 3 v board round table V Board 5 v board


You had to be IN IT to WIN IT

There were so many raffles at the Expo that my volunteers had to get an additional 6ft table to display them all


untitled4 untitled 3

ADD 3 Raffles


And after your inner & outer has been pampered what else is there to do?


 PMP Sign Photo Taking photo taking 3 pmp instagram   photo taking 2 IMG_2972 photo taking 4  ADD 8

I worked SO hard at putting this expo together.I deprived myself of sleep, social functions and looking cute-lol. I was the epitome of  a 1 woman show. My greatest hope was for attendees to attend the PMP Expo and  leave with a  balanced self esteem. Not attributing the boost in their confidence to the external change they had experienced through the beauty bar pampering or to the internal boost they experienced from the workshops; but to both. Let me tell you, my hope was not only met, but exceeded. There were women who traveled from other states and cities to experience this Self Esteem Expo. I have received text, emails and calls from vendors and attendees explaining  how the PMP EXPO was an experience that is indescribable, unforgettable and LIFE CHANGING! During the Expo attendees kept asking ” when are you hosting the next PMP Expo?”  As I walked around the room I was so proud because God had allowed me, lil ol’ me  to put together an event that brought forth magic. To have a group of women, under one roof, be so selfless, encouraging and sincere was nothing short of magic.


smiles 5   Smiles 3 Smiles 4 IMG_2942 IMG_2947 pmp you are beau IMG_2909 Smiles 2

Photo Credit;

Harold and La Chale (Instagram: @Coveringz)



”  I attended one of the most inspirational events ever. The look on the women’s faces of pure enjoyment was priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed this event and can’t want until the expo next year. ” -Annie, Volunteer

” I was able to cultivate relationships with other vendors, which in turn create business opportunities for us all to grow and expand our knowledge.” – Lucinda, Vendor

“ It brought me so much joy to know the music I played was bringing happiness to all the women involved. I always strive to bring happiness and empowerment to woman of all ages and backgrounds. I will be happy to be a part of it again- DJ Lady J, DJ

“My attending this expo did me a world of good. This 63 year old came alive to the music I danced to, got real daring and had my makeup done and ended with my nails being painted. Shakia thank you for waking the young woman who still exist within this wonderful body of wisdom.”-Luanna, attendee

 “I attended the PMP Self-esteem expo and was blessed beyond measures! It was an amazing and inspiring event on so many levels.” – Victoria, Attendee

“It was a gorgeous and  empowering experience that encouraged me to love my inner beauty.  Love It!”- Lakeisha, Attendee

“The workshops helped me feel beautiful inside and being pampered by the masterful artists was certainly a treat. It was exactly what I needed.”- Bobby,  Volunteer

“I got to see firsthand the impact that this event had on participants. Many felt comfortable communicating hardships because they knew that they were in a safe space of caring people”  – Lea, Workshop Facilitator

“As soon as I walked into the room where the expo was being held, I was AMAZED! I walked out of there feeling really good! I really wish I was there the minute the event started. I CANNOT wait till the next PMP Expo!”- Alba, Attendee

“The seminar was great and touching. The event was packed with networking and great products and services. – Shell, Attendee

“I had the privilege of volunteering to oversee the “My Beauty Is…” bench, where ladies would define their beauty in one word. I had the opportunity to connect, relate and hear others define their beauty. This experience has made a difference in my life as well as others.” – Deshanda, Volunteer

“I am so impressed with the organization of the event. It was really a great event to be part of. I really loved the energy in the room.  I have shared the event with so many people on how to do an expo and have excitement in the room.” – Lorraine, Product Vendor

“It was a great opportunity and just a good time. I would definitely do it again.” – Chelsea, Beauty Bar Specialist

“This unique event was a great opportunity to learn about yourself as well as learn about local women-run businesses – I took probably 5 business cards home!” -Kathie, Volunteer

“The looks on everyone’s faces and the positive comments  I heard from people I serviced were heartwarming. I can’t wait until next year.” –Sitarah, Beauty Bar Specialist

“It was great being surrounded by women who wanted to support a great cause.” –Yasmine, Attendee


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